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Elements & Controls

We are registered & started trading in 2007. Manufacturing products from exotic materials for example Alloy 600 , Alloy 800 , Inconel Molybdenum , Boron Carbide etc mainly for Mittal Steel, Highveld Steel & various Laboratories.

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Leaders in field of Heating Elements

Thermocouples & Controllers

a world-leading brand for products and services in the area of industrial heating technology and resistance materials.

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Revolutionizing Heating Elements

Providing advanced products

If you are looking for ways to improve your productivity, optimize the quality of your end-product or design an entirely new heating solution, we can help you.

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Liquid Immersion Heating and Forced Air Heating

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High Temperature Furnace Elements and Accesories

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Zirconium Crucibles

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Flanged Immersion Heaters

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Zirconium Crucible Furnace


  • Silicon Cable Heating Elements
  • Wire wound spiral furnace elements
  • Thermocouples new and repairs
  • Infrared elements short and medium wave
  • Ceramic fiber insulation
  • Vacuum formed ceramic fiber shapes
  • Modules zirconium crucibles
  • Laboratory trolleys
  • Furnace tongs Infrared drying systems
  • Zirconium and Platinum crucibles
  • All electric heating and control
  • Silicon Carbide Elements Specialist

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    What We believe

    Our business concept is based on the unique competence in materials technology. This has resulted in a world-leading Heating Elements, Thermocouples & Controllers

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    Our mission is to look after YOU the customer by supplying the correct quality product at a fair price on time.


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